Have you gotten your directory?

Volunteers signed up to deliver the Powderhorn Directory door-to-door last fall. Have you received yours yet? Most of the blocks were accounted for by volunteers, but its possible not all the directories have gotten out there. If you haven’t received yours, or if you want to volunteer for more deliveries, please send an email to powderhorndirectory@gmail.com.  Thanks!

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We raised the last few dollars last week and the directory is being printed! Hopefully it will all be done and delivered this Thursday, just in time for PPNA’s annual meeting. Dinner at 5:30, meeting at 6:30, and we’ll have a table there showing off this lovely directory.

If you would like to volunteer to help deliver the directory door-to-door throughout the neighborhood, please let us know at powderhornlocal@gmail.com.


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Getting closer

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and saw us at the Powderhorn Art Fair this last weekend.  It was a great weekend and we got a few more donations. We are still waiting for the last few checks for ads to come in, and then we’ll be able to print!

We’ve had a lot of sign-ups for delivering the directory when it’s done. If you’d like to deliver the directory door-to-door in your neighborhood, please let us know!

fundraising ideas
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Raising money!

We are raising funds to print this directory. We’d like to raise enough to print in color and have enough for the whole neighborhood.

We’ve got a great quote from a printer, the lowest quote we’ve found, and we are so close to having the money raised!

fundraising ideas

We will be at the Powderhorn Art Fair, August 6-7 hopefully showing off some directories and taking donations! Help us to make this project a reality!

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Welcome to the online version of the Powderhorn Barter & Business Directory!

The directory has been in process since last year and we hope this is the year, in fact by the end of summer, that the directory will be published!

Stay tuned…

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